Filip Lange

Motion Design & Direction  | VFX SUPERVISION || +49 17631662312

I offer a set of cross-link services AS DIRECTOR FOR CGI & Motion design, VFX Supervision and Compositing.

Vfx Supervision

Due to my long experiences within the vfx industry, I offer consulting and onset supervision for visual effects or general postproduction shootings.
Though I guide the postproduction team and out clients through the production from kickoff pitch phase to final delivery.
As Supervisor and Head of Production for nhb studios in Hamburg I am working on vfx projects for commercials, with a great team in all disciplines of digital postproduction.
My experience reaches from Stopmotion to Motion Control, heavy Greenscreen to Matchmoving and CGI Compositing with Location Laserscanning or the all new Virtual Production techniques,
as well as team and studio guidance through packed productions with tight deadlines.

Motion Design & Direction

I provide profound skills of visual effects, motion design and interactive experiences. In productions like game trailer, I also function as director and production lead.
Though the range of projects is wide, my heart definitely beats most for game related content.


Showreel. Commercials Supervision & Compositing. 21´

I am working on a new reel at the moment. Stay tuned or check the NHB Studios IG channel.

in the meanwhile:

Find here my little fun teaser about my onset supervising from 2016(as well)

I develop vfx concepts, rigs or setups for scenes with needs for visual effects and postproduction work.

As sparring partner for postproductions, agencies or directors I attend the complete production line from preproduction phase on. But of course, I do also seamlessly jump into projects of proceeded state.

Showreel. Motion. Hands on. 16´

My not so new showreel for cgi motion work fom 2016. Everything is done/touched/developed on a pixel based detail by my self.
It is often a collab with different Artists or Studios. Credits to all the nice people I had the chance to work with.

Actualy, I am working to get my new website up and running.
Hope to see you soon.

Stay calm and do vfx.